Cola Drinks Are Dangerous For Human Health But You Can Use Them In Many Other Useful Ways

Pepsi is undoubtedly the most widely used drink all over the world.

However, in spite of its tasty, refreshing flavor, scientists have discovered that it is dangerous and causes several negative effects on the health. However, they also found that Coca-Cola is a lot more effective if it is being used in your own household!

Coca-Cola is very acidic in pH level, and its energy is similar to that of an electric battery acid, and the terribly higher acid levels it contains destroy your teeth. The actual pH value of Coke is actually 2.5 which is way too much, compared to the battery acidity which is just 1, while water pH level is 7.

For that reason, even though it’s not really recommended for everyday consumption, you may use it as a cleaning product for your home, and here is a list of 20 other useful ways to use Coca-Cola:

– Clean off the oil and stains from materials

– It damages slugs as well as snails

– It can be used for descaling a kettle

– It removes blood stains on clothes

– It can clean engines

– You can clean the floor grout, just pour a bit of Coke over it and wipe

– It can eliminate dirt and gums from hair and all you need to do is soak your hair in Coke for just 2 – minutes and then wipe.

– Clean battery terminals with Coke

– Polish and shine the cents by soaking them in Coke

– You can clean the bathroom with Coke. Pour Coke into the toilet bowl and just let it act for some time. After that, just flush the toilet.

– Put some of this on the garage area floor after which hose away to clean the actual oil staining.

– It can be utilized to remove tresses dyes.

– Brush your pool with rusty stains.  Just pour 2 liters of Coca-Cola and then leave it for several minutes to act.

– Polish and shine chrome by mixing Coke with lightweight aluminum foil.

– To wash the burned-up pans, put some Cola and let it stay to break down the greasy oil and the dirt, and then simply wash the pan.

– Soak some fabric material, aluminum foil or sponge with Coke, and then rub and scrape off the rust from the rusty bolts.

– You can use Coke to clean Chinese vitreous.

– To clean the actual paint from metallic furniture, simply soak the towel in Coca-Cola and rub over the stains.

– To get rid of marker staining, pour a little bit of Cola over the carpet, nicely scrub, and then wash away with soapy water.

– This particular acidic drink really dissolves your teeth. If you keep teeth inside a glass filled with Cola, it will break down over time.

– Cola and other soda drinks lead to serious health risks

– The Respiratory journal published one study which revealed that these kinds of drinks can lead to breathing and lung disorders like for example asthma as well as COPD obstructive pulmonary disease.

Those who drink these types of drinks have a 50% higher risk of having a myocardial infarction or stroke than other people who simply don’t.

In addition, carbonation in the Coca-Cola leads to calcium reduction in the bones, which weakens and softens the bones, and also makes them vulnerable to damage.

For this reason, in case you consider these home uses of Cola, you are going to easily realize that it’s not really suitable for human consumption because it serves as an alternative to many chemical-based cleaning agents. Cola seriously damages the lining of the stomach as well as endangers general health.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com


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