How To Determine The Health Of Your Kidneys, Hormones And Liver By Looking At Your Face

Interestingly, the skin, especially the face, can be a good reflection of the overall health. A fresh and glowing skin doesn’t look only look beautifully, but it tells a lot about your health. Taking into consideration the fact that clear skin is associated with wellbeing, the thought that having some skin issues are linked to any underlying health issues is very logical. According to Face Mapping, the surface of the skin gives a detailed insight of the internal health. Keep reading to find out what your skin tells about your health!


Zone: Forehead
Explanation: Given the fact that the forehead is connected with digestion and the nervous system activity, sluggish digestive system and stress may be the cause of breakouts in this area.

Solution: First and foremost, avoid processed, sugary, and fatty foods. Opt for plenty of vegetables and high fiber fruit to keep your system moving. In order to relax and de-stress, try meditation, yoga, and visualization. Drinking dandelion tea or fresh lemon juice in warm water are great detox agents.

Zone: The Right Side of the Space between your Eyebrows
Linked to: Stored emotions in your liver

Explanation: The facial line has been long used to help us discern where we are holding deeper stress and how it affects our internal health. Wrinkling and other skin issues in this area are a sign of unexpressed anger that has been stored in the liver.

Solution: To clear the anger you are highly recommended to try journaling, counseling, Reiki, or yoga. Moreover, try to reduce your alcohol intake as well as high-fat foods intake which put pressure on the liver function.

Zone: The Left Side of the Space between your Eyebrows
Linked to: Stored emotions in the spleen

Explanation: The lines in this area may be a sign of unexpressed emotions that have been stored in the spleen.

Solution: Again, try any therapy that will help you let go of the negative emotions in a healthy way, such as breath work, meditation, journaling, reiki, counseling, or yoga.

Zone: Eyes
Linked to: Thyroid, intestines, and joints

Explanation: Lightly-colored ring encircling the iris indicate overdoing salt and sugar. Discoloration in the iris may indicate intestinal malabsorption, and white coloring in the iris may be a sign of some joint issues.

Solution: Try to consume more anti-inflammatory foods, such as organic bone broth, ginger, turmeric, walnuts, flaxseeds, and oily fish. In addition, reduce the intake of caffeine, processed foods, refined salt, and sugar, all of which are known as inflammation-triggers.

Zone: Underneath the Eyes
Linked to: Kidneys

Explanation: Swelling and puffy lower eyelids are one of the major signs of sluggish kidney function. Dark and puffy “bags” may also indicate impaired kidney function.

Solution: Drink sufficient amount of water in order to avoid dehydration, as it prevents the kidneys from performing at optimum level. Take care of your kidneys with adequate sleep, minimal stress, and minimal intake of alcohol and coffee.

Zone: Cheeks
Linked to: Lungs, malabsorption, sluggish metabolism

Explanation: The cheeks have been long known as indicators of lung function. Discolored patches on your cheeks may be a sign of slower metabolic rate and lower absorption of nutrients.

Solution: Breathing exercises can help build lung capacity. Gently increase your cardio exercise to also improve lung function and provide a metabolic boost. It is also recommended to chew your food well, consume green tea, and have antioxidant-rich diet in order to protect your sensitive skin around the cheeks.

Zone: Nose
Linked to: Cardiovascular system

Explanation: It is believed that the nose is connected with circulation. Therefore, skin issues in this area may be a sign of blood pressure problems.

Solution: You should increase your intake of heart-healthy foods, such as nuts, cold-pressed olive oil, oily fish, tahini, and avocado. On the other hand, cut down on alcohol and coffee.

Zone: Lower lip
Linked to: Digestive system

Explanation: The lower lip can reflect intestinal function. Brown spots may indicate problems with indigestion, insufficient digestive enzymes, parasite overgrowth in the intestines, and the presence of worms. Early stages of anemia can be diagnosed by pale colored lips, as this is one of the earliest signs.

Solution: Include plenty of iron-rich foods into your daily diet, such a lead red meat, green leafy vegetable, and legumes.

Zone: Tongue
Linked to: Lungs, toxin overload

Explanation: Abrasion at the outside edges of the tongue may indicate suboptimal lung function while circles of white buildup towards the middle or back area may indicate a presence of intestinal toxins.

Solution: For lung support, try deep-breathing meditation and cardio-based exercise. When it comes to flushing out toxins, do a detox. You can try a 3-day detox, add some superfood greens, or consume more detoxifying foods.

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Zone: Chin
Linked to: Hormones and stress

Explanation: Due to the fact that the chin area is the zone where hormonal imbalance and stressful emotions manifest, blemishes usually break out around the chin at that time of the month.

Solution: Avoid unnatural cleaning aids and beauty products which contain toxins that interfere with the endocrine system. Also, trial maca powder for hormone support. Speaking of stress, try to reduce it as much as possible and give yourself a good night`s rest.



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