This Is Incredible: I Never Thought That By Putting 7 Leaves Of Laurel With 7 Garlic Cloves Inside A Bottle This Would Happen!

Today we will give you a wonderful homemade trick, especially very effective where you will only use two ingredients laurel and garlic cloves, and see what it is about. These customs, were acquired over the years, has always been used in people living with a very simple life, away from technology and everything that we wear today. Always the present and the past come together to form a world populated by entities with which we continue to live.

This trick is so that prosperity in the home never fails. It is especially convenient to run it when there are many worries in the house, and there are economic problems.


-1 small bottle with cork
-7 garlic cloves
-7 bay leaves
-1 liter of mineral water
-1 funnel


Take the small bottle and add the mineral water, then add one by one, the 7 garlic cloves, add little bay leaves. Cover the bottle with the cork.

Hide the bottle in some corner of the house, the laurel and garlic cloves are two plants that have always been used by the people surrounding the Mediterranean Sea as symbols of success and economic prosperity.


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