How Many Cloves Of Garlic You Should Eat To Regulate The Blood Pressure?

Garlic is one of the most popular and powerful vegetables present in probably any kitchen in the world. Numerous studies have confirmed garlic’s beneficial effects on our health, which is why it’s often a part of natural remedies. In general, garlic is used against high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure as well, but it can improve your health on so many other levels as well.

The health benefits of garlic are mostly due to the presence of a rare compound known as allicin, which can also be found in onions. Allicin is especially great for your blood vessels – it will keep them flexible and clean and prevent the accumulation of plaque, which is often the main reason for heart attack or stroke. Garlic is best used fresh, as cooking destroys most of the allicin inside. Just chop or crush a few garlic cloves, leave them for 15 minutes so the allicin activates, then consume the garlic or add it fresh in your meals. You can find garlic in powder or tablet form, although these forms are not as effective as the fresh version.

How much garlic do we need?

1 gr. of garlic is the recommended amount for those suffering from high blood pressure, but we suggest consulting with your doctor for the proper dosage of garlic. Experts suggest taking about 30 garlic cloves a day, which is a bit too much if you ask us. Go for 10 garlic cloves a day if you can to keep your cardiovascular system functioning properly and improve your overall health.

As we said earlier, you’ll need to consult with your doctor for the proper dosage of garlic. The vegetable can interfere with some medications and may cause adverse side-effects, which is you need to determine the ideal dosage for your case.

Source: organichealthcorner.com


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