This Seed Can Cure Pneumonia, Tuberculosis And Eliminate Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay

You will be surprised at all the benefits this seed has for curing tuberculosis , pneumonia and eliminating cavities.

The best thing is that it is the seed that is available to everyone thanks to Mother Nature. Do not miss it.
Surely sometime in your life you have eaten this dry fruit and you can not imagine all its healing qualities. But today you will discover a secret to treat tuberculosis, pneumonia and eliminate the bacteria that cause cavities.

This miraculous seed is nothing less than cashew nuts , has chemical products called anacardic ideal to kill the positive bacteria that produce tuberculosis, pneumonia, acne, tooth decay and pneumonia.

Cashews are kidney-shaped seeds that are seen at the bottom of the cashew apple. These usually grow in the coastal areas of northeastern Brazil.

If you have noticed, today there is no cashew in the shell for sale in the market, because it is sold without a shell for a reason. These powerful peels have a caustic resin inside, called cashew balsam , which must be carefully removed before consumption.

Generally the caustic resin is used in the industry to make insecticides and varnishes. The main commercial cashew producers are now found in Nigeria, Brazil, India, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Cashew nuts are rich in magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and zinc. These have less fat than other dried fruits. It contains 82% of the fat is unsaturated fatty acids, and 66% of the content of unsaturated fatty acids healthy for the heart, similar to those of olive oil.

There are scientific studies in patients with diabetes where it is revealed that monounsaturated fat when combined with a low fat diet help reduce high levels of triglycerides.

Triglycerides are a form in which fats are transported in the blood. When high triglycerides are present, there may be an increased risk of heart disease . Therefore, it is ideal to include monounsaturated fats in your diet. Therefore, the nuts of India are recommended especially for diabetics.

There is a study that shows that the minimum consumption of 1 ounce of cashew weekly reduces the risk of developing gallstones by 25%. This amount is equal to 2 tablespoons of walnut butter.

To the surprise of many, it has been determined in a study that the anacardic acids in the cashew is capable of destroying gram-positive bacteria that lead to tuberculosis , pneumonia, caries, acne, leprosy and steotococcus.

With only 1 part of anacardic acid diluted by 200,000 parts of water for as low as 1 part in 2,000,000 it is absolutely lethal for Gram positive bacteria in only 15 minutes In addition, the powerful cashew nut liquid and the anaconde acids They have excellent anti-tumor, antioxidant, and anti-Helicobacter pylori properties.

Therefore, cashew nuts are effective for the fight against cancer and ulcers in the intestine. An investigation with reference to the cashew nut has shown that its consumption reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer.


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